About Me

About the Founder of Horus Eye Therapy  Heba Elsaid.Cht 

Self Improvement Hypnotherapist  for Individuals, Couples, & Families with an active private practice in Ventura, CA

My Passion to Help Others have lead me to switch Carrier from a Professional Financial Adviser with collage degree to focus and dedicate the time and effort to deeply get the most couplet professional education & Hands on experience in the field of Behavioral Therapy .

I am Specialized in Hypnotherapy ; an Ancient Alternative Therapy for Panic Attacks, Children Social Anxiety, phobias, substance abuse including Smoking, sexual dysfunction, undesirable spontaneous behaviors, and bad habits. It can be used to help improve sleep, learning disorders, communication, and relationship issues.

I realize that people lose flexibility in many ways and become rigid, we create our own reality by applying our own filters that we see people and the environment through, which may not relate to the reality by any means. Then we base our decisions accordingly and follow our actions ending up with greatly distorted results based on a total distorted filter covering our perception.

I realized that living by making a positive difference in people’s lives is more rewarding and important than just making a living. I offer my professional services to people seeking help through identifying and then releasing their fears and limiting beliefs to break through personal limitations. Our lives can become a conscious creation rather than an unconscious reaction.

 I have been exposed to different countries and have socialized with multi-culture environments that boiled down to main basic elements & deep understanding of how your subconscious scripts, beliefs and limitations affect your life. 

The subconscious power is the missing element between mind, body & soul connection.

One idea, one thought can change our life, “this is how powerful is our mind “

Our behavioral are affected by the filters impeded in our subconscious, so what we might see as reality of the matter may not be the actual reality. I can help you realize when and what filters & Subconscious scripts are ruining your life.